The Challenge

In an ideal world, before a creative team dives in, it has a holistic understanding of all the identities it will be working on. But what makes this profession so thrilling is there’s no such thing as this ideal. In the case of Western River Expeditions, we began with a logo and catalogue design. That was to be it. The challenge came when the client asked for two additional identities for its affiliates: One for the Moab Adventure Center and one for Red Rock Outfitters. Creating continuity between three sister identities without a strategic heads-up, plus staying true to the individualism of each identity, plus working with different stakeholders for each identity, all in all, it was a juicy challenge we took head-on.

The Solution

Working with the client, we moved swiftly to identifying a key promise. We knew we needed to dial in on a promise that would work for both the current identity and the identities yet to come, as well as differentiate all three from the competition. A promise that had never been claimed by an adventure company was an Old West experience combined with eco-friendly stewardship combined with a trusted partnership. Once this promise was nailed, we could design two new identities that were on strategy, but very much their own entity.